Our tips on how to improve title visibility

Our tips on how to improve title visibility

Fact: The online book market is constantly growing – are your titles standing out?

As a marketeer, campaign marketing can be hit or miss. We are all aware our websites and online stores play a key function in driving online sales. What we aren’t so clear on is how to use these environments to effectively increase title visibility. We have outlined below simple levers that impact discoverability within both Google and your website, all of which can improve direct sales, brand visibility and user engagement.

So, how do you increase title visibility?

Landing Pages – draw users into your site

A Landing Page is a great place to direct both offline and online traffic. Google looks favourably on well tagged Landing Pages, so aside from fast, easy access to relevant information, Landing Pages further increase title visibility through SEO.

Click here for our breakdown on how to create a great Landing Page.

SEO & Google rankings

How can new titles be found in the wider online community? Read our blog on discoverability for ways to improve your SEO Optimisation - the more visits your website receives, the more opportunity there is for you to showcase your titles.

Website Search – Fast intuitive website search increases your discoverability

"Website searchers are 200% more likely to convert & spend 2.6x more”

(Source: Forrester, Salesforce, Kissmetrics, Algolia)

Most people use search to navigate a website. There's a huge difference between a basic website search and an advanced website search. A good search not only helps your users find what they’re looking for (meaning they'll stay longer on your site) - but encourages users to browse. Marketeers need tools to promote, suggest, and track titles that might apply to a user's search entry as well as boosting frontlist titles to appear higher up in users website search results. Supadu, for example, offers publishers this “Title Boost” weighting tool to doctor search results as part of our SupaFolio platform.

A misspell tool is essential. A basic misspelled search entry such as 'Hairy Putter' might return a selection of titles detailing the rise in body hair amongst golfers. However, a more advanced search tool will not only show our bearded golfer titles but will also suggest a series of books by J.K.Rowling.

Enriched Metadata

We’ve talked a lot about metadata enrichment in the past. In brief, getting the basic metadata right is a good start – but you can add supplementary information (e.g. audio, videos, PDF’s, upcoming event details). The more information your metadata contains, the greater your SEO discoverability and increased title visibility.

By Harry Graham, Marketing Executive at Supadü

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