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Supafolio API

Our Supafolio API is a powerful site search and metadata management platform for publishers, installable by any developer or Supadu into a website, chatbot, mobile app or other service

Publishers can build a website on their chosen CMS, with the complexity of data management and product search controlled by Supafolio API. Our API dynamically delivers product data to your frontend websites, mobile apps, chatbots or other services simply and effectively. There is full documentation to help developers.

Supafolio is the plumbing behind the scenes that turns flat ONIX text files into a fully functioning searchable and interactive website. It allows publishers of all sizes to effectively manage their book and product data through a user-friendly and cloud-based interface. It then dynamically delivers this data to websites and other services.

What’s really great about Supafolio is that it lets you override your product metadata in real time – what you might want to display on your own website could well be different to, say, Amazon. Being able to edit ONIX files gives you greater flexibility to tailor your online messaging.

The platform makes building product collections on-the-fly incredibly easy. For example, you may want to highlight a set of books for Mother’s Day or promote an assortment of discounted titles. Within minutes, these can be displayed in numerous ways on your website – as a grid, a carousel or list. Marketing teams can’t get enough of this.

Supafolio also allows anything not in the original ONIX feed, such as video, audio, pdfs, external links and scheduled cover reveals, to be easily added – particularly useful when you want your website users to have a more immersive online experience.

You might have a marketing campaign and a promoted title or series might need a boost for higher ranking in search results.  This is made easy by using our useful ‘search weight’ tool.

Supafolio API 3 features

Templates & dynamic widgets can be embedded and used by developers to display metadata:

Improved site search

Search analytics

Data management dashboard

Product & Author details

Author search


Related products

Recommendation engine

CMS Agnostic - integrates with 100+ 3rd party products

What are the benefits?

Improved digital reach & ROI

Enabling customers to find what they’re looking for will help to increase conversions and increase ROI.

Saves time and money 

Our solutions are faster to market & dramatically lowers cost. You don’t need to create a custom platform to achieve a custom solution!

Design Services

We’re industry leaders in delivering enterprise solutions to the publishing market through insight, smart creative thinking and innovative technical execution. On a budget? Choose from one of our templates – designed for publishers – or work with us to build a custom site with you. All of our sites will integrate seamlessly with Supafolio.

Our UX and UI designers analyse user engagement and carry out extensive user-testing to ensure your customers have a great experience and can find what they’re looking for.

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