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Feed Management & Analytics

Supafolio Dashboard manages the display of processed metadata on a chosen web page as well as site search analytics. We import and reorder your metadata from any source - including ONIX, XML and CSV.

Data Feed management

Supadu & Supafolio provides analytics & valuable insights through its data dashboard

Realtime updates

Default metadata can be updated & changed in real time, such as titles, descriptions and book jackets. Ideal for marketing campaigns or Search Engine Optimisation.

Extra assets & information

Change information, add additional marketing assets like PDF, mp3, video, links, web samplers and images.

Collections on the fly

Promote individual products or groups of products dynamically to support campaign marketing.

Custom business rules

Custom business rules can be applied to metadata, such as linking different formats, changing product or author names, creating SEO-friendly urls & hiding editions.

Data feed frequency

The publishers can decide how many times the metadata feeds should be updated - ie) daily/weekly

Product boost

Boost individual products within the search results to promote the most important content on your website.

Data analytics

Supafolio search analytics dashboard gives you the data and insights you need to understand what your users are looking for, where you’re losing them, and how to keep them interested.

Supadu & Supafolio provides analytics & valuable insights - most popular searches

Most Popular Searches

We aggregate the multiple “character by character” queries to find the words or expressions searched by your users, and return a list of the most popular expressions searched, with some stats.

Supadu & Supafolio provides analytics & valuable insights - queries with no results

Queries with No Results

If you want to know what your index catalogue is missing, or improve the keywords and synonyms you’re using. Take a look at the most popular queries that returned 0 (or a small number of) results.

Supadu & Supafolio provides analytics & valuable insights - tagging queries

Tagging Queries

It’s possible to see two different tags - mobile and website - to see how mobile users search in comparison to website users in the dashboard.

Supadu & Supafolio provides analytics & valuable insights - most popular filters

Most Popular Filters

To see how your users are using your search filters to constantly improve the user experience.

Supadu & Supafolio provides analytics & valuable insights - activity by country

Activity by Country

See where the queries are coming from geographically and get a better understanding of what people are looking for in each location.

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