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Supadu Smart Buy buttons

Supadu Smart Buy buttons let publishers integrate one-click book purchasing capabilities across non-eCommerce websites, marketing pages and social channels. They allow customers to buy a book instantly from wherever they are.

This seamless shopping experience not only simplifies the process but significantly reduces the likelihood of cart abandonment and ensures optimal sales conversion.

SupaCart add-on - Supadu offers all you need to set up an online book store or integrate with your existing website & powered by our Supafolio API

Elevate the book-buying experience and reduce cart abandonment effortlessly.

Wher can you add Supadu Smart Buy buttons
How does a Smart Buy button work?

Supadu Smart Buy offers all the features of a fully-functioning eCommerce cart, with live availability checks and notifications. What's more, it's dynamically fed from Supafolio API

Where can you add Supadu Smart Buy buttons?

Publishers can add Supadu Smart Buy buttons to any digital website or marketing page with no eCommerce, such as:

• Blog posts • Social media • Newsletter campaigns • Marketing websites • Landing pages • 3rd party websites • Book clubs • Review websites

How does Supadu Smart Buy buttons boost sales & improve workflow?

Integrated Instant Purchase Capability

Smart Buy’s instantaneous purchase capability significantly reduces friction in the buying process, leading to higher sales conversion rates.

Reduces Cart Abandonment

Smart Buy buttons minimise the chances of cart abandonment by letting customers seamlessly buy a book without multiple purchase steps.

Comprehensive eCommerce Features

A robust eCommerce cart, including live availability checks and real-time notifications ensures a smooth and reliable purchasing experience.

Seamless Workflow Enhancement

Easy integration minimises the effort of publishers to implement the tool across various channels, thus streamlining the sales process and workflow efficiency.

Increased Customer Engagement

The ease and convenience of Smart Buy engages customers across various digital touchpoints, driving immediate sales and long-term customer relationships.


The tool offers real-time analytics and insights into customer behaviour, enabling publishers to make informed decisions regarding marketing strategies.

IndiePubs case study

Supadu’s website for IndiePubs, an online bookstore for independently published books, included a cart and integrated EDI fulfilment, as well as marketing tools – such as Supadu Smart Buy buttons – for their independent publishers.

Smart Buy button are added directly to a publisher’s website and these take the consumer to a co-branded IndiePubs and Publisher checkout cart.

The Smart Buy button provides all the benefits and high margins of an IndiePubs order while allowing the publisher to capture sales directly from their website.

SupaCart add-on - Supadu offers all you need to set up an online book store or integrate with your existing website & powered by our Supafolio API

“More than 75% of our book sales comes through Supadu’s Smart Buy buttons. They have transformed our D2C business model, offering customers a smooth and streamlined checkout experience on IndiePubs”