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Supadu offers all you need to set up an online book store or integrate with your existing website, all powered by our Supafolio API.

Should I consider adding eCommerce to our website?

If you want direct access to your users, eCommerce is a no brainer and a much needed high margin revenue stream. You are able to understand your users and control the sales process, encourage repeat visits and multiple sales in your own environment and can start to develop your own community.

Do you need a separate cart for physical products and digital products?

Not necessarily, we will discuss in detail what your fulfilment process is and from that we can recommend the best solution.

How does your platform open up access to our backlist and drive backlist sales?

We improve your web visibility by enriching your metadata, and offering a fast intuitive website search.  Your backlist comes back to life with your full inventory accessible from every search both from the SERPS (search engine results pages) and your own website. Using our "Product Boost" feature you can ensure key titles return more favourably in the search results.

What is the lowest entry price point to introduce eCommerce to my website and what time and expense is required to support and maintain the store?

Our entry level package starts at $2500 and the support fees depend on your requirements – we offer a range of flexible options to suit all budgets and needs.

Why do I need an advanced website search as well as an online store?

The search is as important as the cart experience.  The right search allows users to browse the breadth of inventory as well as hone in on relevant information. The right search provides  inventory access with no limits. You can direct them to other recommended titles and authors, supplementary materials such as author videos, PDF’s,  and audio elements, with additional flexibility to tailor your sales message.

As an international publisher with a global audience, do we need more than one cart?

Unlike a physical shop, an eCommerce shop enables you to reach anyone, anywhere, at any time! Complicated tax rates and pricing issues can be dealt with allowing you to run regional stores from the same website.

Do you have any features that allow for marketing support (ie regional marketing campaigns and/or specific book launches)?

Our product boost features allow our publishers to boost a product or set of products in the search results to give them greater visibility. In addition we have coupons, discount and subscription features that give users the opportunity to apply different pricing to different products in different regions.

We have no customer data, just suppliers and retailers. As we are not set up to communicate with a new audience, what do you suggest?

By selling from your own platform you collect data on your customers from a sales and browsing perspective, which can be easily accessed through our dashboard. SupaFolio is designed to help publishers develop a loyal community of buyers. Offering a free digital book and marketing through your traditional channels is an easy first step to move users to your website.