Publisher landing page builder

Publisher landing page builder

An effective landing page is vital to the success of any advertising campaign and with the right tools they can be extremely easy to build. Because these pages are specific to one book or promotion, users won’t be distracted by browsing your website but are efficiently directed towards a single action – buying the book. Creating a series of these pages will increase sales and be a real boost to your marketing campaigns.


An example page build by the Macmillan marketing team

Page builder example by macmillan

A powerful landing page provides a single destination for all the publicity of a single book; from emails to blog posts to search engine results to social media links, everything leads back to this one page. Instead of being directed straight to the checkout or to your main website, the user finds a simple, striking page entirely dedicated to selling the book. Here, they can find any information that wasn’t provided in the original advertisement. For example, the page might present the book’s blurb, along with a few reviews or possibly a short excerpt.  This effectively eliminates all the distractions and options provided by your main website, helping to improve your clicks to sales conversion rate.

Because the effectiveness of a landing page is in its specificity, it is vital that the page doesn’t become a catch-all for any promotional campaign. Each book needs to have its own dedicated page. We appreciate that this might sound like an expensive nightmare of links and customization which is why the Supadu Landing Page WordPress plugin allows you to quickly and easily create as many attractive and customizable pages as you want.



Part of what makes the pages so easy to create is that they can be extremely simple with no header, footer or navigation options. In fact, the only links on the page should be to where the user can buy the book. For this reason, Supadu’s landing page tool automatically creates a series of buy buttons linking to the book’s page on a number of major marketplace sites, then leaves them to you to customize the style of button, as well as adding and removing seller sites as you see fit.




The Supadu landing page plugin contains a number of further features that are essential for building a strong landing page. Having entered a book’s ISBN the product information will be automatically added to the page through the Supafolio API  saving you the time required to manually transfer all the details. You are then able to customize the page in the way that best suits the individual product, adding quotes, editing the description, changing colours and adapting the call to action. All customization is quick, easy and, best of all, requires absolutely no coding knowledge.



The importance and success of landing pages in advertising campaigns along with the ease and speed of Supadu’s highly customisable page builder tool means that there is no reason not to give it a go. Moreover, there is no limit to the number of pages you can create, Supadu allows you to easily and efficiently create hundreds of pages for all your marketing needs.


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