Why is metadata enrichment so important?

Why is metadata enrichment so important?

Managing our metadata used to be so simple. Nowadays, metadata management for publishers has become a highly complex process. It is all about digital discoverability now – how we get found, how we stand out.

This is where metadata enrichment comes in. In this article, we discuss how improving and widening the quality of your metadata can lead to success in discoverability, Google rankings, data manageability and more…

Once upon a time, marketing a title or group of titles was simple: artwork, print run, distribution – easy to price up and easy to measure your return on investment. Now the focus is about digital discoverability – how to get found, noticed and what differentiates us from our competitors?

What is metadata enrichment?

Metadata enrichment enhances discoverability, user experience and engagement as well as positively impacting on SEO and your Google rankings. Metadata enrichment usually comes in a number of forms:

How to enrich your metadata?

  1. Create as much content as possible around each title, author and catalogue. Enrichment should combine complete accurate ONIX files with supplementary content that can help engage your audience and improve discoverability: for example, the addition of author videos, PDFs, and individual product pages. Your audience will respond positively to relevant engaging content which in turn will drive sales.
  2. Ensure you have accurate, detailed HTML metatags that directly reflect your website content. This will significantly aid accessibility (screen readers read the metatags), drive your google rankings (accurate meta-tagging curries favour with the Google algorithm), and enhance the effectiveness of your website search by drawing more relevant content into your search results.


You can’t always measure discoverability – how can you measure the loss of sales potential or the number of titles your users missed? However, you can be sure that investment in digital discovery will produce significant tangible results. Start with enriched metadata!

Supadu works with trade publishers of all sizes, from giants like Harper Collins and Macmillan to medium sized and even one-man bands. Supadu not only creates and manages your website design and content – we also manage and improve your metadata, meaning you get the most out of your site.

Our Supafolio API is a powerful site search and metadata management platform for publishers, installable by any developer or Supadu into a website, chatbot, mobile app or other service.

To find out how Supadu can help your business, get in touch for more information

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