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HarperCollins site search

HarperCollins take their site to the next level with Supafolio’s new site search

HarperCollins site search

Supadu recently launched a redesigned homepage for with our new 'site search' powered by the Supafolio API. Around 10% of consumers make a spelling mistakes leading them to non-relevant content and poor user experience. Supafolio handles misspellings and different word forms to interpret what the user was trying to type, e.g 'dr' instead of 'doctor' or ‘Tolkein’ means ‘Tolkien’.

Supafolio is the primary web and site search platform for HarperCollins globally. Supafolio powers all their global websites and providing improved ROI and discoverability. The marketing team use our non-technical solution for creating web pages on the fly with the Supafolio Campaign Builder

“For over five years, HarperCollins has relied on Supadu for website development and support. In that capacity, Supadu has consistently delivered quality product on budget, on time and to our specifications. Supadu is our developer of choice and I would highly recommend their services.”

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