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Pan Macmillan Chatbot

Supafolio's API provided Pan Macmillan with the ability to pull all their metadata via one central API and display on any web platform simply, including a chatbot

Pan Macmillan Chatbot

Chatbots are driving digital innovation through a mix of low development costs and the large potential user base of platforms like Facebook, with 1 billion monthly active users on Facebook Messenger. Pan Macmillan, as a publisher, was quick to spot the opportunity for some best-in- class creative chatbot innovation.

Their friendly discovery chatbot leads you through a path based on questions which unfolds by talking to an automated  rst-person protagonist. This helps you discover relevant books for all situations,  nd out more information and eventually buy the book, through a buy button back to Macmillan.

However, while Pan Macmillan had all the ingredients to create a rich environment with compelling characters, rich story-worlds and amazing authors, they needed a centralised source of all their metadata, which could be accessed through one API and delivered to multiple platforms.

The solution was the Supafolio API providing Pan Macmillan with the ability to pull all their metadata via one API call and display it on FaceBook quickly, easily and cost-e ectively, elements which are the key to innovation.

"Supafolio has sped up our development and revolutionised the way we work"

James Luscombe, Web Operations, Director Pan Macmillan

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