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WordPress website themes

A series of engaging WordPress website templates, powered by our Supafolio API, for trade publishers and university presses that provide a complete website, meeting all book publisher’s needs and requirements.

Pages include homepage, collections, product details, search and results, and content pages – all customisable and fully integrated into the Supadu product suite and built in WordPress, with a range of plugins available.

Classic Design

A timeless design with classic colours, layouts and typography, with our standard main banners and book carousel. Perfect for trade and academic publishers of all sizes.

Supadu WordPress theme for publishers - Classic design

Elegant Design

A sophisticated layout with bringing in some subtle colours and patterns. Perfect for more publishers of art and architecture books.

Supadu WordPress theme for publishers - Elegant design

Modern Design

Embracing contemporary aesthetics, this theme boasts more contemporary fonts, greyscale colours and dynamic shapes that engage visitors with current fiction and art genres.

Supadu WordPress theme for publishers - Modern Design

Dark Design

Creating an immersive atmosphere with moody backgrounds and dramatic typography, this theme really helps your books stand out and look elegant.

Supadu WordPress theme for publishers - Dark Design

Clean Design

Focusing on simplicity and readability, the clean theme offers crisp typography, ample white space, and organized grids to showcase all types of genres and keep the content in the spotlight.

Supadu WordPress theme for publishers - Clean Design

Lively Design

Infused with energy, this dynamic theme features vibrant colors, playful fonts, and interactive elements, making it perfect for children's books, graphic novels, and young readers' literature.

Supadu WordPress theme for publishers - Lively Design

Key features of our websites

Supadu offers Integrated search

Integrated search

Intuitive site search - users can search by title, author and collections.

Supadu | Product & Author pages for publishers

Product & Author pages

Build product details and author pages easily by just picking the content you want to display or use one of our pre-made layouts.

Supadu publisher website solutions - drag and drop widgets

Drag & drop widgets

Add an ISBN carousel or collection grid  – simply pick the collection you've made in Supafolio and add the shortcode.

Supadu offers Google fonts

Google fonts

Enhance the look of your website by integrating with 800+ Google fonts

Supadu has Recommendation engine in publisher website search

Recommendation engine

Add related content - same author, keywords, genre, Goodreads reviews

Supadu offers full WordPress functionality

Full WordPress functionality

Supafolio seamlessly integrates with WordPress CMS, Blog and other 3rd party functionality