Why we should all be using Thema

Why we should all be using Thema

What is Thema?

Thema is a category scheme based on hierarchical code structures and the BIC classification scheme. It has been developed by EDItEUR who also created ONIX. EDItEUR released their latest version of Thema (Thema 1.4) in April 2020. It has 150 new subject codes and 550 new qualifiers.

Thema has improved the traditional BISAC code by allowing you to add more codes over time and deliver more precise information. Products are easier to find, more relevant and better categorized.

Before Thema

After Thema

What are the main advantages of using Thema?

Thema is free to use and straight-forward to implement. It is very similar to the established BIC scheme. Click here to find out more about Thema and how to use it.

Thema benefits everyone in the book community. It’s easier for publishers to send accurate data to global recipients and ensures more consistent and accurate data is sent to retailers.

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