Why Supadu + Shopify = a winning formula

Why Supadu + Shopify = a winning formula

Why Shopify?

To benefit our existing customers, and to ensure that we stay ahead of the pack, Supadu keeps a lookout for the best possible partners that could improve publishers’ bottom lines.

Shopify is one of these partners. An established software-as-a-service (SAAS) eCommerce platform, with 800,000 stores and 1,000,000 active users, Shopify allows users with little in the way of technical or design skills to create a fully functioning store without worrying about dealing with design agencies, web developers, load balancing, and credit card security. They take care of it all and make sure your site stays up, stays blisteringly fast to load and keeps your products selling. You can add on solutions like integrated payments and analytics easily and cheaply and it all comes with comprehensive customer support.

Why Shopify and Supadu together?

If you’re a publisher needing an ONIX and data-driven website then Supadu provides superlative discoverability, superior site search, enhanced engagement with enriched product metadata, and distribution integration allowing you to reach more users, authors, retailers and readers.

By integrating with Shopify,  Supadu allows you to feed all your ONIX data into the Shopify API automatically, tailor-making the feed to ensure it is properly structured for Shopify’s requirements saving you hours of painstaking development and update hassle.

Seamless distribution integration - For example, we seamlessly ensure that your stock and inventory are integrated so no product is ordered without it being available. Order bundling, essential to keep costs low, is ensured by our massaged data feed.

We can also produce enhanced title and product pages, something that Shopify can’t do for you out of the box. This allows videos, audio clips and previews to be added to your product page – all this is done completely automatically through our Supafolio, leaving you free to grow your business.

Publishers such as Kube, Jacaranda, Mills & Boon, Paraclete Press already benefit from our expertise with Shopify.

Get in touch with sarah.arbuthnot@supadu.com if you would like to know more.

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