The positive effects of video marketing and content

The positive effects of video marketing and content

Video marketing is on the rise, reflecting the boom of video-driven social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok. Consumers, especially younger generations, crave the immediacy and digestible experience of a short video, rather than reading pages and pages of words. In the United States, 85% of internet users watch online video content monthly on their devices. 87% of marketing professionals use videos as their primary marketing tool and 54% of consumers hope to see more video content from companies they are interested in (from a HubSpot marketing survey of 3,000 respondents). 

According to, raising brand awareness is the number one reason for using videos in marketing campaigns.

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So, are users more likely to purchase products after watching the company’s video? 

According to Biteable’s 2021 survey, 74% of videos have higher numbers regarding the return of investment than simple static images and 66% of people state that they would prefer watching a short video to learn about a product or service.

How can you make your videos engage the viewer?

33% of viewers will lose attention and stop watching a video after 30 seconds and 45% will stop watching after one minute, so it’s important to make your videos clear and concise to hold the viewers’ attention. Video content and style will differ depending on the product, the platform and your audience but people tend to engage with music, a voiceover, a real-life face (especially on TikTok and Instagram) and exciting visual effects such as graphics or animations. 

Companies have experimented with different video content to promote their products, sometimes indirectly and through a softer sell. For example, GoPro, a video tech company, successfully promote their product through this viral video (GoPro: Fireman Saves Kitten). Put two of the things we universally hold dear (kittens and firefighters) in a dire situation where you get to showcase the power of your gear to capture moments and the rest is viral history.

Which platforms should you target? 

If you are looking to boost your customers through videos on social media, you should target Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, the most popular social media platforms. Videos receive a large number of views due to the popularity of these particular social media platforms, and therefore, companies acquire more customers through the promotion of their videos. After Google, YouTube is the second largest and most popular search engine. 

A common deterrent from video marketing is the cost involved, yet 88% of video marketers recorded satisfaction with the investment return derived from their social media videos. Statistically, consumers  would like to learn about your products or services through a short and relevant video, so we suggest giving it a go!

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