The effects of ‘Look Inside’ functionality on sales

The effects of ‘Look Inside’ functionality on sales

What is ‘Look Inside’?

“I’ve heard about this book, but I want to know more about it before I buy…” – Every Book Reader I’ve Met.

Before the advent of eBooks, anyone interested in a title would stroll into the local bookstore, grab a book off the shelves and thumb through the pages. Nowadays, if you want to get a taste for a book and you’re buying online, you’ll probably have to purchase the entire title and hope that you enjoy it. Not a perfect solution.

This is where ‘Look Inside’ functionality comes in.

This feature provides users with the option to preview books before buying them online. You can sample the book you’re interested in, but you’re not in a bookstore anymore - you’re curled up on a sofa at home.

Why does it matter?

The user benefits of this feature are clear.

But how does having a title sampler help your site? We’ll answer that with three simple stats:

  1. 2.4 minutes - Average time on preview
  2. 6.4 pages - Average pageviews per session
  3. 11% - Average click-through-rate to retail

(Source: 2019 sample of 720k Aerio preview sessions)

Overall preview samplers increase user engagement and retention and ensure a massive boost in retail click rates – all resulting in better customer experiences and, ultimately, enhanced sales. Additionally, dropping book previews into social media is an effective way to increase your audience and drive traffic to your website.

Introducing Aerio

Aerio is a book marketing and sales platform designed to give users multiple avenues to directly engage with their audience and share their important message.

Powered by Ingram Content Group, one of the world’s largest book distributors, Aerio’s tools give publishers, authors, and booksellers the advantages they need to promote their books, gain a bigger following, and make more book sales in a crowded marketplace.

With Aerio you can:

Time to Consider a Sampler

We think every publisher should at least consider using an online book sampler. It’s a great solution for readers, and it’s very beneficial to your site.

Interested in a 'Book Sampler' for your site?

Get in touch to learn more.

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