Taschen launches Supadu/Ingram bookstore

Taschen launches Supadu/Ingram bookstore

Taschen’s beautiful website now boasts a full Supadu eCommerce cart solution, with Ingram distribution and fulfillment delivering a powerful, economical way to enrich Taschen’s access to their customers across the globe. The fully-customised cart leaves no visual jarring between Taschen’s existing web presence, protecting their powerful brand and neatly avoiding a disjointed checkout experience.  Critically, the integration itself was a simple process; hours and days, rather than weeks and months. The Supadu cart is completely platform agnostic and delivers an e-commerce reach to all Ingram customers that until recently was the stuff of dreams.

Supadu-Ingram cart solution features include:

The partnership with Supadu gives Taschen instant global reach into any connected household, ensuring revenue is delivered directly and enhances customer loyalty. Supadu’s extensive industry experience and powerful products ensure that all clients, no matter how large a footprint they have, can curate all their valuable assets in ways designed to release time and capital, letting them focus on growing their businesses

Chouette imprint Caillou launch new website with Supadu-Ingram bookstore

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