Supafolio API

Supafolio API

At the heart of many publisher websites is Supafolio - a unique website and metadata platform. It’s ability to dynamically populate your website, online store and marketing pages has been proven to enhance title visibility, site traffic, SEO and increase return on investment. 

Supafolio delivers raw metadata from ONIX (or other data source) into a web-friendly catalog and a fully functioning, searchable and interactive website. While Title Management stores and sends metadata in its raw form to websites, Supafolio translates that raw data into a web and user friendly format, which is suitable for accessible and visually appealing site content. 

The unique Supafolio API allows content to be automatically and incrementally updated without the need for manual intervention, but it is also possible to manually intervene and override your ONIX feed. Increasingly marketing departments are looking for the ability to quickly edit their website content and Supafolio allows for this cross-channel marketing.

Supafolio has 3 critical components:

Supafolio API

Supafolio Dashboard

You can watch our Supafolio dashboard demo here

Supafolio’s Predictive In-Site Search

“I think one primary benefit of Supadu is populating the online store/product catalog via our Firebrand ONIX feed, and the additional control in Supafolio to modify some data before it reaches the site. Also, we have improved website responsiveness over our previous Drupal site, and it helped us improve the UX on product pages and around offering the free tools” - MennoMedia

If you want to find out more about our Supafolio API or our website services please contact Publishers can license the Supafolio API separately from our Supatheme websites - please get in touch for more information.

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