How to increase sales using Shopify AND Amazon

How to increase sales using Shopify AND Amazon

One of the many advantages of Shopify is its relationship with Amazon. Shopify users in the US can create Amazon listings through their Shopify account, sync their inventory across both channels, order from Amazon and track sales from both channels. Supadu and Shopify is already a powerful combination (as we explain here) because of our seamless distribution integration and enhanced title and product pages. But adding Amazon into the mix will further boost your discoverability and you will end up with a publishing-centric functionality on top of what you already have.

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How to connect Shopify with Amazon?

Log into your Shopify account, click the plus (+) sign next to Sales Channels and select Amazon. Or you can visit the Shopify App Store for more details.

What are the benefits of using Shopify and Amazon?

“The big benefit is being able to continue to use Shopify as the center to manage your business and to keep all of that back office, nitty gritty operational stuff […] in one place” – Brandon Chu, Director of Product at Shopify

How to use Amazon to your advantage?

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