How landing or destination pages are proven to drive sales

How landing or destination pages are proven to drive sales

Product landing pages increase sales

Providing your customers with clarity and convenience is the perfect way to increase your sales. With landing pages, you can save your customers lots of time by taking them directly to their desired destination, after a single search or click. Why wouldn’t you want to make your customers happy while simultaneously increasing your sales?

The most successful landing pages will contain relevant engaging content about a specific title, author or event. They are usually used as a consumer facing destination site for off and online marketing campaigns, providing marketers a distinct URL, as well as the opportunity to tailor their content for their specific audience with a specific call to action (unconstrained by the ONIX feed).

Google love landing pages!

Aside from creating and controlling your consumer friendly content, landing pages drive discoverability. Google ranks landing pages highly in its search results, and each individual URL can have its own meta-tagging, and the ability to reference specific keywords and phrases. It is through this individual referencing that publishers create an effective way to generate more traffic, more leads, thereby increasing title discoverability in Google, as well as within your own website search environment.  

How to build an effective landing page?

Landing pages with rich content; additional videos and visuals are crucial for engagement. It has been proven that by enriching content, the conversion from viewers to leads can increase by 86% (Source: eyeview) as well as boosting the landing pages performance in the search engines.

Some simple tips for good pages:

Supadu’s highly customisable landing page builder, provides fast instant results all dynamically driven via ISBN as well as offering marketers a friendly interface for tailoring content. It allows you to easily create hundreds of landing pages for all of your marketing needs!


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