Everyone is talking about Amazon moving to ONIX 3. Are you ready?

Alex Murphy from our partner Stison talks to Supadu about their tools .

Alex Murphy from Stison talks to Supadu about how their tools can import ONIX 2.1 data from older systems and instantly convert into ONIX 3.0 for any number of data aggregators. This is essential as the industry moves from receiving and sending of bibliographic data from ONIX 2.1 to ONIX 3.0. Supadu fully integrates with Stison who offer a variety of solutions covering title management, royalties and rights management.

Stison Ltd was originally founded to provide “best in breed”, affordable, browser-based solutions for the book publishing sector. Our key aim, over ten years later, continues to be bringing enterprise-level software solutions to companies of any size.

Since inception, our system is becoming a standard within the industry, and through continual feedback, we are creating a highly bespoke solution that understands the needs of the book publisher. Stison Ltd employs personnel from across the media and publishing world to provide the necessary skills and expertise that ensures its systems are relevant to its key market. We continue to develop our software solutions, basing this development on a combination of continuous review with feedback derived directly from the industry.

This is what ultimately sets our particular system apart from others in the field. Through our partnerships and affiliations with a key range of organisations from within publishing, such as EDItEUR, IPG, BIC and IPAC, we are certain that what we offer is responding to what publishers need.

The industry has seen many changes over the course of the last several years, not least of all an increase in digital solutions for selling books. Stison Ltd stands at the forefront of this change, reacting and shifting to meet the needs of every one of our client publishers of any size – from those who publish a handful of books a year, to those who have over 100,000 titles on their system.

We have modules that span the entirety of the book business, from managing bibliographic data of back and front list titles, to organising production schedules, to generating’ royalties’ statements for your contributors, to storing rights contracts, to ebooks, and even to analysing the sales and P&L on titles so that publishers can make more informed decisions. In other words – Stison offers the publishing industry more control over its business, which is of particular importance in an ever-growing digital age.

We also ensure that our system adapts to meet the changing needs of the sector so that publishers don’t have to worry about that themselves. We are aware, for instance, that the receiving and sending of bibliographic data will shift imminently from ONIX 2.1 to ONIX 3.0. As a result, we have developed tools that can import 2.1 data directly from older systems and instantly output it into 3.0 for any number of data aggregators. In addition, Stison Ltd also understands that the categorisation of titles is paramount to ensuring the right audiences are targeted.

The new Thema categorisation is closely aligned with Amazon’s internal classification, and our Title Manager system makes it easy to output that as well. On import of an ONIX file, the system will automatically generate Thema codes based on BISAC and Bic – and will then output all three simultaneously. We face the shifting challenges for publishing companies that otherwise couldn’t do it alone.

We also know that not everyone works within the format of a brick and mortar business setting, and that having access to title data on any given day is especially important from wherever we may be. With unlimited user licenses and a web-based system, Stison provides the security that publisher’s need to ensure they can conduct business from anywhere in the world. Our servers also ensure that your data is safe.