Bonnier imprint Weldon Owen launch new website on Supadu platform

Bonnier imprint Weldon Owen launch new website on Supadu platform

All publishers want the best, most flexible, easiest-to-use solution to managing heavy-load data driven websites. They want fingertip control of priceless metadata, and to boost their customer conversions without having to blow their budget.

Not everyone gets what they want, but there is an answer. Now Weldon Owen, a publisher under the Bonnier umbrella, joins companies such as HarperCollins, Ingram, Hachette and Macmillan in the ever expanding list of those who have adopted Supadu’s proven technology. 

Through the peerless combination of the Supafolio platform and Supadu’s WordPress solution, they now have greatly improved, low cost control of their new main site and all subsidiary sites. They can now update all their online properties with ease, while maintaining a responsivity and flexibility that’s second to none, with websites that showcase brilliantly their extensive and ever-growing list of publications. 

Weldon Owen’s marketing department now holds the reins of a system that allows them mastery of the online production process, no matter how fast new titles flood in; with Supadu their team has full control with just a few hours of training. Automatically updating title information (from ONIX) and displaying it on the front end website, controlling metadata in real time, adding additional assets; such as audio books, samplers, or promotional articles; or changing book information, creating collections of titles and boosting titles within search, are just a few of the ever growing and updated list of tools at their command. Included is a ‘Search Boost’ function to enhances items within search results driving promotions, new releases and prioritising items with ease.The Supafolio API, through our WordPress plugin, will allow Weldon Owen to display metadata for any book in a catalogue including cover image, title, subtitle, author, or price.

Supadu now gives Weldon Owen outstanding oversight over their products and improves the crucial art of discoverability. With over 20 years of experience and practice at ensuring that our clients, no matter how large a footprint they have, can curate all their valuable assets in ways that release time and capital, allowing them to focus on growing their business. Supadu has helped achieve significant cost savings as well as provide invaluable tools to the Weldon Owen team.

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