Why publishers choose Supadu

Supadu is the #1 provider of metadata-driven websites eCommerce and data solutions for Trade Publishers, University Presses & Educational Publishers.

With over 25 years of award-winning expertise, Supadu excels in creating captivating publishing websites and online stores. Our templated website solutions, designed for selling digital, audio and physical books, have all the advantages of a ‘tried and tested’, responsive and accessible website, without the complexities of a custom build.

Powered by our dynamic Supafolio API – the driving force behind every successful solution – our websites cater to publishers of every scale and focus around enhancing discoverability and engagement.

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SupaCart add-on - Supadu offers all you need to set up an online book store or integrate with your existing website & powered by our Supafolio API

Supadu is your one-stop-shop for driving books sales and achieving online success

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End-to-end eCommerce for every size of business

Our suite of eCommerce solutions is nothing short of comprehensive, from seamless cart integrations, customizable stores and EDI fulfilment integration with the industry’s leading distribution partners.

Supacart offers one-cart for all formats – physical books, audiobooks and ebooks – under one user-friendly interface and includes integration with third-party payment gateways.

Supacart PLUS takes it a step further with Merchant of Record capabilities and advanced support.

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“More than 75% of our book sales comes through Supadu’s Smart Buy buttons. They have transformed our D2C business model, offering customers a smooth and streamlined checkout experience on IndiePubs”


Unique marketing tools that drive sales and improve title visibility

Break through digital clutter with Supadu's tools, ensuring standout title visibility in the crowded digital marketplace.

Our tools include:
Smart Buy buttons – one-click book purchases across non-eCommerce websites, marketing pages and social channels.
Smart Book – publishers seamlessly add book collections to any site or marketing page, facilitating instant discovery and purchase. Smart Book Flyers generate PDF promotions effortlessly.
Instant Landing Page Builder creates pages instantly by entering an ISBN code, complete with 3rd party 'Buy' buttons

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SupaCart add-on - Supadu offers all you need to set up an online book store or integrate with your existing website & powered by our Supafolio API

Distinctive advantages of working with Supadu

We focus on discoverability

Supadu creates superior websites that focus on website effectiveness, title visibility and increasing sales. Our websites are meticulously designed to showcase your titles prominently, through enrichment and relevancy.

Unparalleled expertise in publishing

Our specialized knowledge and experience of working with publishers for over 25 years ensures our solutions are not just cutting-edge but tailored precisely to the unique demands of the industry.

Compelling websites for publishers of all sizes

Our range of beautiful data-driven website themes are all powered by our Supafolio API, enabling full automation with dynamic product information.

Our next-generation marketing tools lead the way

Our Supadu Smart Product Suite, such as Supadu Smart Buy buttons and Smart Book collections, empowers publishers at every stage of their marketing journey and help increase ROI.

Technical support

Reliable technical support is crucial for publishers, especially when dealing with digital platforms. Publishers choose Supadu for its reputation in providing responsive and effective customer support.

Creative services at your fingertips

Our in-house design team have worked with publishers for over 25 years and can help our publishing community with a variety of creative support, such as social media posts and website graphics.

Innovation meets reliability

Supadu's solutions don't just meet industry standards; they redefine them. Stay ahead of the curve with technology that not only keeps up with the times but propels you into the future.

Scalability & ambitious roadmap

As publishers grow, they need systems that can scale with their increasing demands. Supadu offers scalable and foward-thinking solutions that can accommodate the evolving needs of publishers over time.

Your success, our priority

At Supadu, your success is not just a metric; it's our driving force. Choose a partner that is committed to seeing you thrive, where your goals become ours, and your triumphs are celebrated as our own.