Unleash the potential of your titles with Flywheel

Unleash the potential of your titles with Flywheel

Firebrand Technologies is excited to present Flywheel, a brand new backlist sales and marketing service!

Flywheel harnesses the power of AI-supported technology and proprietary data analysis algorithms to identify hidden metadata opportunities in your backlist and maximize their sales potential and discoverability. In other words, Flywheel helps you sell more books!

Using data science and machine learning, Flywheel strategically recommends enhancements for the right titles at the right time for optimum sales performance. Recommendations are sourced through multiple data sources including sales history, historic and current events, as well as prediction models.

Enhancements are made by the metadata experts at Firebrand Technologies to groups of titles using AI-supported, but human-powered, technology tools. Product information is sharpened over time based on actual sales results of in-market use, using machine learning to optimize performance.

The results dashboard shows weekly, in-depth results of progress made, allowing your team to track and monitor key metrics as compared to sales predictions and previous years sales, including discoverability rankings, and sales conversion rates.

After extensive testing, Firebrand Technologies has discovered the vast importance of timing when pushing these product changes out to market. Any changes made to your titles with Flywheel are not random. These are targeted, intentional changes with special attention given to when they’re released, because some titles just sell better at certain times


Our Flywheel service analyzes four key categories of data to measure which titles have the highest potential for sales impact. The core idea behind Flywheel is to time metadata enhancements at the most opportune moments, utilizing the below categories, to impact the exposure and conversion rate of each title, thus altering its overall sales trajectory, specifically on Amazon..

When Amazon’s algorithms see that the metadata on a title has changed, those algorithms will test the new data to see if it gives the title a higher chance of producing sales. As this algorithmic testing occurs, the right metadata changes will ideally lead to more glance views. More glance views typically result in more sales conversions, which leads to an increase in sales rank.

If all three of those milestones are achieved, the results create even MORE data for our Recommendation Engine to utilize, which results in even more glance views, increased conversions, better sales ranks, and so on and so forth. 

We call this the Flywheel Effect!


All publishers are aware of the importance of metadata updates and product changes; however, when you have hundreds or thousands of backlist titles, it can be hard to find the time to go through your data and analyze it effectively to give your backlist a fighting chance. Flywheel saves you time and manpower by increasing your backlist’s velocity and momentum FOR you, allowing you to focus on your front runners.

Flywheel is also friendly to your budget! We’re so confident in our ability to increase revenue for your backlist titles that we only get paid if your sales increase. Our revenue during the 2024 Flywheel Beta is based only on the increase in sales that rise above our initial projections. 


Firebrand Technologies has been helping publishers manage their metadata, internal workflows, digital distribution, and marketing efforts for over 35 years, and we are committed to developing comprehensive technology solutions that positively impact the lives of thousands of publishing professionals every day.

The Flywheel service is currently in Beta testing, and we are actively looking for publishers who want to partner with us to grow their backlist sales. You do NOT need to be a current Firebrand customer to participate in the Flywheel service!

“Flywheel will revolutionize the way we help publishers optimize backlist sales by helping us enhance the right titles at the right time through a unique combination of data science and publishing acumen.”
- Kevin Franco, Flywheel’s Product Manager

Questions? Contact Joshua Tallent
Director of Sales & Education
(978) 225-2757

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