Q & A – Key ingredients to an effective publisher website with online store

Q & A – Key ingredients to an effective publisher website with online store

Q1. What problems do our publishers face?

Pressures on cost, lowering margin, poor product visibility, ever changing marketplace and marketing staff often trapped by the IT roadblock. We look to help publishers by improving discoverability as well as offering cost effective website & eCommerce solutions that are easy to use.

Q2. What are the key ingredients of an effective website for publishers now?

Publishers are increasingly concerned with their inventory awareness whether B2B or B2C and reaching out to new audiences whether in print or digital.
It is all about  “discoverability”, as well as improving workflow and pushing down on cost as the market faces continued pressure from other mediums.

For the consumer facing websites they want their reader/users to stay/read/buy/engage with their website. So we say key factors to a good website are:

To get this magic mix, great metadata + great content will help you get an effective website. Supadu is all about helping customers improve their online visibility & discoverability and driving sales.

Q3. How important is it for publishers’ websites to have ecommerce capability?

This is now a “must have” for most publishers, even if it links out to retailers. A publisher is probably not going to make more money than they do with Amazon but many make significant additional revenue through their website or from other third party environments all improving their bottom line.

Many publishers are branching out into new channels with a broader range of products -  for instance they may sell ebooks, audio, dvds, video tutorials though their website. In the education sector we are seeing a trend in ecommerce with publishers trying out new sales models - for example one publisher we spoke to the other day discovered they could start a subscription site really easily for one of their very popular online magazines.


Q4. How can good metadata management and data analytics help publishers improve their discoverability and sales?

Good Metadata + Good fast relevant content  = improved discoverability & increase sales.  

More specifically good metadata is essential for driving relevant website search results - if users (retailers or consumers) are looking for books from a specific genre or by an author or generally browsing they are far more likely to find what they are looking for with good metadata and a good search. And therefore the publisher will make more sales.

So at Supadu when we talk about our platform Supafolio, this is all about aggregating, enriching and automating a publishers metadata, and ensuring this data is presented in a user friendly accessible website coupled with an advanced website search. Supafolio provides a range of tools to maximise flexibility, visibility and discoverability!

Building up an audience & communicating with your audience whether directly or indirectly. Many larger customers have built landing pages for their books and authors and have built up genre based interest groups through success email marketing which has  become an essential part of larger publishers sales and marketing strategy.

Again good metadata is the key to improving communication with your audience by understanding what they are looking for, tailoring your online content and even simply ensuring the search engines have picked up your meta data effectively goes a long way to make this happen.

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