Book publishing reading list

Book publishing reading list

Broaden your publishing knowledge by reading some of these industry-specific books, hand-picked by a publishing expert. From the history of books, to the future of digital publishing, you will have all grounds covered to widen your understanding of book publishing and see what direction the industry is heading.

Publishing for Profit: Successful Bottom-Line Management for Book Publishers, 5/E – Thomas Woll (978-1613749739)

Selling Rights, 8/E – Lynette Owen (978-1138489486)

Clark's Publishing Agreements: A Book of Precedents, 10/E –  Lynette Owen (978-1784519469)

The Impact of Print-On-Demand on Academic Books Suzanne Wilson-Higgins (978-0081020111)

Publishing Forms and Contracts – Roy S. Kaufman (978-0195367348)

The Culture and Commerce of Publishing in the 21st Century Albert N. Greco, Clara E. Rodriguez, Robert M. Wharton (978-0804750318)

The Book Publishing Industry, 3/E – Albert N. Greco, Jim Milliot, Robert M. Wharton (978-0415887243)

The Economics of the Publishing and Information Industries: The Search for Yield in a  Disintermediated World Albert N. Greco (978-0805855494)

Merchants of Culture: The Publishing Business in the Twenty-First Century John B. Thompson (978-0452297722

The Business of Digital Publishing – Frania Hall (978-04155077318)

The Handbook of Journal Publishing – Sally Morris, Ed Barnas, Douglas LaFrenier, Margaret Reich (978-1107653603)

The Book Business: What Everyone Needs to Know – Mike Shatzkin and Robert Paris Riger (978-0190628048

The Oxford Handbook of Publishing Angus Phillips and Michael Bashkar (978-0198794202)

The Business of Scholarly Publishing: Managing in Turbulent Times – Albert N. Greco (978- 0190626235)

The Family Business Keel Hunt (978-1513267210)

The Oxford Illustrated History of the Book – Contributed Volume (978-0198702986)

Book Wars, The Digital Revolution in Publishing – John B. Thompson (978-1509546787)

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