Aussies swoon for Mills & Boon! Supadu launches site with Supafolio 3.

Aussies swoon for Mills & Boon! Supadu launches site with Supafolio 3.

Mills & Boon, purveyor of the world’s finest romances and global HarperCollins imprint, trusted Supadu to hand them an eCommerce edge, with a lightning-strike search to help see their online ROI rise. Factor in a two month turnaround and you begin to see why Supadu is the market leader in online options that power publishers beyond their assumed online capabilities.

The site is the consumer’s first point of contact, showcasing 1000s of products with more added every minute. How do they quickly find what they want? The previous search engine took glacial seconds to return on basic searches, potentially frustrating their customers. With Supadu’s SupaFolio 3 complex searches are instantaneous, and relevance and accuracy are off the charts.Even if you mistype or misspell search words SupaFolio 3 is ahead of you, seeking out likely alternatives and instantly returning the results you need, whether desktop or mobile. It is the best possible shopping experience for users. Total integration with Shopify with full ONIX import, Supadu allows publishers to compete against the behemoths of eCommerce on a level playing field. Direct to consumer is the boon that will liberate budgets and talent, and when it comes at a cost as low as Supadu’s offering it’d be a brave firm that passed on the opportunity.

Just as crucially Supadu’s centralised API allows Mills & Boon to collate all data from site use, giving them an unparalleled insight into exactly what it is their customers want. This includes multi-regional data management, a marketing toolkit, and an analytics dashboard that helps product teams know their users’ desires, and where they hit dead-ends. Combine these and you target advertising with pinpoint accuracy, ensuring a growing ROI.

Supadu allows publishers to dip their toe in the waters of ecommerce without fear of failure - low-cost and low maintenance with high return. 

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