SupaCart Solutions

Supadu Smart Site

Add dynamic book related content to any platform, on any page with Supadu Smart Site. No need to redo your website to enjoy dynamically-driven book content and increased sales!

Select a module and enter an ISBN no. for automatically-generated, up-to-date, live content. Add to any page; ‘Smart buy’ buttons, samplers, reviews, carousels, author bios, product details and more. The perfect tool for marketing campaigns or to boost your existing website. With no technical know-how required, these data-driven modules are the first of its kind for publishers.

Want to keep your CMS, stick with your favourite designer or simply can't face redoing your website but need the advantages of a Supadu website and eCommerce? Then Smart Site is for you.

Supadu Smart Buy features

  • Book reviews
  • Search results
  • Author component
  • Events component
  • Product detail page
  • Selected chapters
  • Carousels
  • Reviews, ratings & Goodreads
  • Samplers
  • Landing pages
  • Smart Buy buttons