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Supadu offers eCommerce solutions based on requirements and cost. Our vast experience integrating with partners produces seamless end-to-end workflows, ensuring the success of every online transaction.
Supadu offers eCommerce solutions based on requirements and costEcommerce

Simple side cart

Add eCommerce capability to your publishing website for instant results

Our quickest and simplest solution lets customers integrate an eCommerce side cart into their website, regardless of the web platform.

FoxyCart integration

FoxyCart can be integrated into any existing website without requiring costly redevelopment

It boasts powerful features, including a sidecart, multi-store management function and the ability to customize the language, headers, footers and styling of the checkout process.


Scalability in the cloud with Shopify

Shopify is a cloud-based eCommerce platform offering enterprise-grade selling capabilities

Large publishers and startups alike use Shopify to boost their business without the huge price tag and hassles of traditional enterprise solutions. Shopify’s advanced reporting and analytics features help online retailers get deep insights and understand customers better.

The large library of 3rd party apps make it possible to add advanced functionality without costly development.

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WooCommerce for WordPress

WooCommerce is the most popular eCommerce platform on the web powering more than ⅓ of all online stores.

We also work work with this core platform plugin – many of the eCommerce add-ons are free and due to the open nature of WordPress, extensive customization is supported

Our featured eCommerce partners

Fulfilment distribution solutions

Supadu works with many fulfilment distributors, both physical and digital to handle your orders from beginning to end.

eCommerce Case study

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Ingram - CoreSource

Supadu adds CoreSource integration to its website solution

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