Brand New Supafolio 3

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So what is our new platform – Supafolio 3?

Supafolio is made up of two elements – a Data Management Platform & Supafolio API – which dynamically delivers your product data to your website, mobile app, chatbot or other service simply and effectively. It means you can improve your website without the hassle of completely re-doing it. 

Who is it for?

Publishers of all sizes – we currently work with some of the biggest global publishers, but we also love working with smaller Educational Publishers and University Presses.

What’s new?
  • An improved site search
  • Search analytics
  • A data feed management dashboard
  • Marketing Toolkit
What are the benefits?
  • Increase ROI – enabling customers to find what they’re looking for will help to increase conversions
  • Save you time – don’t need to spend months on creating custom platforms and integrations – easily scalable
  • Save you money – we do all the hard work for you, so you don’t need to hire an expensive web developer, and as it’s so easy to manage you will be able to maintain yourself in-house

Don’t forget our web design and build services too!

Web build/design services

We’re industry leaders in delivering enterprise solutions to the publishing market through insight, smart creative thinking and innovative technical execution.

On a budget? Choose from one of our templates – designed for publishers – or work with us to build a custom site with you. All of our sites will integrate seamlessly with Supafolio.

Our UX and UI designers analyse user engagement and carry out extensive user-testing to ensure your customers have a great experience and can find what they’re looking for.


Make sure your customers can buy anytime on your site with our eCommerce offering:

Our solution allows a customer to integrate an e-commerce cart into their website in a matter of hours, regardless of which web platform it has been built on. It has:

  • A fully customisable cart
  • Unified Order Entry
  • Integrated online payment
  • Flexible check-out
  • One-page Checkout

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