Chicago Distribution Center

Supadu partners with the Chicago Distribution Center (CDC), the distribution services division of the University of Chicago Press, to offer integrated web design services and e-commerce support to the publishers in the CDC family.  

With over 130 clients, the Chicago Distribution Center provides comprehensive distribution solutions to a wide variety of unique and sophisticated publishers, from its own institution’s University of Chicago Press and other university presses to academic, museum, association, art and architecture, poetry, literary, religious, and scholarly publishers, both domestic and international. Long recognized as an industry leader, the CDC is committed to continuously improving the quality and breadth of its services, with the aim of offering high-quality solutions for every aspect of the publishing process. 

Supadu is a leading provider of web development, eCommerce, search tools, and data management to publishers of all shapes and sizes, including six of the world’s leading publishers. Supadu’s brand-new API, Supafolio 3, dynamically delivers product data to front-end websites, mobile apps, chatbots and other services simply and effectively.

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